Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm Excited about this new Sanitary Pad!

Hi Ladies,
There is a healthy alternative for you and your daughters...
No matter what age you are!

Being a woman is a wonderful experience (as we all know!) When we start to grow up, there are things we need to know about our bodies and the changes that occur. Feminine health becomes an important issue. There are a few things we need to think about, and questions we need to ask ourselves, like:

When will my periods start?
How heavy will they be?
How long will my period go for?
Do I use tampons?
Do I use pads?
What if the pad leaks? (embarrassing!)
Will I have any pain?
Will there be any odour?

and What if my period starts early and I was not prepared for it?

Girls, there is nothing worse than the stress and worry about whether or not you are going to leak out and get blood on your skirt or shorts... Is there?

But wait... there's more!

As women, we then continue onto Menopause or the cessation of the period for whatever reason. Could be due to poor health or often Hysterectomy, which creates early menopause.

And then...

The next thing we women have to consider is the embarrassment of urine/bladder control and incontinence. Many women can lose up to 50mls a day from standing up, going for a workout at the gym, horseriding, running or jogging, picking up the kids, laughing and coughing. And this always happens at the most inconvenient time and ALWAYS the result is the same... Embarrassment!

I want to tell you about the benefits of 'Love Moon' Sanitary Pads. These are about the most amazing pads I have ever come accross! There are so many great thing about them. Then, below the Videos, I have writen my personal experience of using the pads.

The Benefits: (in more detail on the next post)
* They are so thin that you will hardly even know you have one

* There is no plastic on the bottom. So you don't get itchy from
sitting in wet.

* The 'love moon' pads are air permeable!

* These pads absorb twice the amount of fluid and leave you dry.
Yes - DRY!

* Theey have a special negative ion strip inside the cotton lining,
that releases oxygen, helping keep our bodies healthy.

* Non toxic edible gum is used (instead of industrial glue used on other pads)

* The green 'negative ion' strip kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria!

Check out the videos below!

This will show you a bit more!
I'll be posting some more videos soon.

My Personal Experience:
My last period experience was amazing! I usually have my period last for about 5 or 6 days. The first 2-3 days are heavy and I usually feel like a flood has just happened (not the most pleseant of experiences) and I usually am wet with blood everywhere and need a toilet fast, to change and clean myself up!

Well the difference this time, by using the Anion love moon pads, was (as I said above) amazing! I still had the gush of blood, and I must admit, I was worried that these pads would be the same as the other brand I used before. But NO! I went to the toilets and was so surprised to see that the pad had about a 2cm wide x 5cm long spot, where the blood had just gone straight into the pad and that was it! No blood everywhere! Wow!

The other thing I noticed, is that because of the absorbency of the love moon pads, I used 1/2 the amount of pads I usually used. Before I would go through about 4-5 pads per day on a heavy day and I only used 2-3 of the love moon pads.

My actual period only lasted for 3 days in total and the 4th day I just used a Anion panty liner. Oh, and no brownish muck at the end either. For the first time in ages I felt free and confident and didn't have the stress of worring if I was going to have an accident, causing me to be embarrassed.

I have just had another period and i am happy to report that it lasted (from start to finish) 2 and a bit days! Gotta be happy with that :0)

If I was to rate this product I would give it a 12/10! Just Amazing! Try it for yourself and let me know what your experience is. As a health care practitioner myself, I can honestly say that I have not seen a product that has so many health benefits. The stories and testimonials are comming in fast and I will be sharing some of these with you shortly.

These life changing sanitary pads cannot be purchased from a shop or chemist. However, you can buy these amazing pads directly from me or if you love the product as much as I do, then you can buy them retail from me or even make it a business for yourself by becoming a distributor and sharing the information with others!

To find out more info on it, you can contact me on Ph: 0423 829 722 (or) email me on maria@painreliefkinesiology.com.au

Kind regards

Maria Brady
Independent Winalite Distributor No: AU 0000907